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2.0 Compatible K-cups (12 Pack)

$9.99 - $12.00

2.0 Compatible K-cups that will come in White.

We will be producing these in house and in small batches so that you are always guaranteed a fresh product unlike store bought cups which can be 6+ months old.

Our Cups are filled with 12 grams of coffee vs the standard 8 grams you find at the supermarket. The end result is a richer cup of coffee. The entire K-Cup is also using 100% BPA-Free, recyclable materials (#5). Just pop the top, rinse and recycle. No need to separate or break down like other pods.

As you have read elsewhere, we do not take credit or copyright for K-cups or anything copyrighted by Keurig. We are simply offering a compatible Cup that can be used.

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